8 Day Singles:
Samurai of Love - Journey to Heart

A profound journey of self-discovery and heart-opening, to prepare for expansive love. We train to move toward unconditional love, and learning to choosing life partners from a place of depth and shared purpose. Throughout this retreat, participants will embark on a transformative exploration of their values, life philosophy, and life purpose, allowing them to make partner choices aligned with their true selves.


Our program fosters deep connections through engaging games, enriching exercises, and insightful workshops, creating meaningful friendships and, if the stars align, even deeper relationships rooted in authenticity.

Our holistic approach includes an understanding of the biology of attraction and a deep dive into the realms of the ego and conditioning. Through this process, attendees will learn to select partners from their mature, authentic adult selves, shedding the baggage of unmet childhood needs.

This retreat is a haven for healing, cultivating profound connections, stepping out of comfort zones, and embracing new identities—a safe space where hearts can once again open to the possibilities of genuine love and connection. Welcome to a journey of self-discovery, deep connection, and conscious partnership.


The program

Day 1: Setting the scene
Day 2: Analysis of Past Relationships
Day 3: Exploration of spiritual identity. + Healing and self-care techniques
Day 4: The mystery: Existential beliefs
Day 5: Life Purpose, Envisioning and Training towards Unconditional Love
Day 6: The Science of Love + Masculine/Feminine
Day 7: How to choose a partner, knowing yourself
Day 8: Surprise

Ashram Arautapala

We will be staying at the Arautapala Ashram: a Center for Human Development and Environmental Education which promotes a healthy and conscious lifestyle in Tenerife. 

8.30 AM - 10 AM:
Morning Rituals

10 AM:

11:00 AM -1:30 PM:
Workshop 1

2:00 PM:

4:00 PM:
Group Activity

5:30 PM:
Workshop 2

7:30 PM:
Dinner in Silence

8:30 PM:
Quiet time

950 euros

Shared bedroom with private bathroom (2 people max)


Private bedroom private bathroom